Baby Proofing…at Grandparents’ homes!

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“Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s House we go…”

You remember visiting your grandparents when you were a kid.  You may recall getting a special dessert, being able to stay up late or even receiving a present “just because.”  But, now that you are “the parents” and your parents are “the grandparents”, your perspective about a visit to “Grandmother’s House” has changed!

As a new parent, you’ve done your research and made many decisions about your baby’s safety and well-being.  If you are fortunate, your family is nearby and available to create your support network.  Often times, family lives far away and you may visit for an extended period of time.  In either situation, new parents want their parenting decisions to be acknowledged and respected by their family.

Parents and Grandparents call Kidproteq® daily.  They want to get this safety thing right, but are often perplexed.  This is what we hear:

  • I have a new grandchild and I want to make my home safe for him/her.  I want my children to feel confident leaving the baby with us, in our home.
  • I have a grandchild and my children are obsessed with safety.
  • I have a grandchild and my children are so laid-back, I could scream!
  • My children want me to put gate on the stairs, but I don’t want to put any holes in my walls.
  • Do you have a baby proofer that can come to the house and tell me what I need?  Is the baby proofer available for installation?
  • Can I arrange for you to go over to my daughter/son’s house and tell them what they should be doing?
  • My son/daughter turned out okay without all of this stuff even though there was a tumble or two down the basement steps.

Being “Nana & Pop Pop” since 2005, we would do anything to keep our grandchildren happy and safe.  Our four grandchildren:  Chase, Kody, Alyssa, and Sasha give us more joy than we can express.  After becoming grandparents, Kidproteq® was born!

Shortly after becoming grandparents, our kids urged us to do some of the following things:

  • We took a class available at our local hospital under the auspices of the American Red Cross:  Infant and Child CPR.
  • We did get down on our knees and looked around.
  • We replaced our square glass coffee table with a large upholstered storage ottoman and added a plexiglass insert.  This was before we knew about the Toddler Shields for Tables. (Ask us about these …when you call 610- 688-7404)
  • We replaced our outlet covers with Universal Outlet Covers by Kidco.
  • We removed breakable objects out of reach.
  • Made sure that all electrical and telephone cords are out of sight and reach.
  • Installed the Blind Winder and Drapery Cleats where necessary.

Even though we live in a flat, we’re lucky to be able to devote a room to the little ones.  It includes a Pack n Play with a changing table, a full size platform bed for Sasha & Alyssa with Secure Top Bed Rails attached, and The Safety 1st. Digital Monitor.   When they nap, I can keep the monitor with me in our living room or down the basement in my office.  We store toys, puzzles, books, dress-ups and 3 shopping carts in a wall unit affixed to the wall with the Hangman Anti-Tip Kit’s.  Our three oldest grandchildren race the carts down the hall making Jeff and I laugh until we’re exhausted!  Now that Kody is two, we’ll begin a new phase with sleeping bags for all of them.  The littlest, Chase, will sleep tight in the Pack n Play.  Believe it or not, the Closet and the upper half of the Wall Unit still belong to Jeff and me.  We use Bifold Door Locks on the closet doors and almost every wall switch in the house is equipped with The Kidproteq Light Extension Rods.

We are fortunate to have a room to devote to our grandchildren.  Not everyone can manage this and some people do not adapt as well as others.  Be patient with us, grandparents.  We are learning too!

You might want to discuss your concerns with your parents.  Are you worried about their pets?  Suggest that they consult a pet professional about sensitizing their pets to your children.  Do they live in a high-rise?   Are you concerned about windows, sliding glass doors and balconies?  Take a look at our options for Windows & Doors.   If they have stairs, ask them to install a hardware mounted gate at the top of the stairs.  Take a look at the KP-SS30.  Are there areas in the kitchen that might be hazardous?  We have all kinds of locks and deterrents that are quickly installed.  The Kidco Swivel Mount Cabinet Locks  KP-S333 can be disengaged when the kids leave.

One thing you can count on, Kidproteq’s “Nana & Pop Pop” will help them find the ultimate solutions to alleviate any concerns:  yours or theirs.  Snap a few photos and email them to us with measurements.  If you or they live in the area give us a call so we can stop by.

Kidproteq, LLC serves Philadelphia and its suburbs.  Kidproteq Owners and Professional Baby Proofers, Rachelle and Jeff Gansky are there to help.  Jeff performs the home evaluations and is available for installations.  A Kidproteq® in-home safety evaluation takes approximately 1.5 hours.  Rachelle handles all daily operations and is available for phone and email consultation. Rachelle provides the best, most current information by keeping up on the latest in the childproofing industry through her connections with IAFCS and Safe Kids USA.  Feel free to contact Rachelle with questions at (610) 688-7404 or  Be safe!

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