Baby Proofing Parenting Quiz

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When it comes to baby proofing,
parents fall into three categories.

Take the Baby Proofing Parent Quiz
and find out what kind you are!

Your baby has discovered how to open the kitchen cabinets. So, you do which of the following…

a.       You let your baby play in the “pots and pans” cabinet and hope she doesn’t explore the rest of the kitchen.

b.      You put cabinet locks on all of the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms, dresser drawers… anything cabinet or drawer you can find…

c.       You install locks on the low level cabinets and drawers that are within your baby’s reach.

At long last, your baby is crawling!  You immediately…

a.       Encourage your baby to crawl up and down the stairs.  Practice makes perfect!

b.      Rush to buy a gate for every doorway in the house.

c.       Consider your lifestyle and where you would need gates in your home, researching which ones best suits your needs.

You get a new flat screen TV.  Your first thought is…

a.       “I can’t wait to watch football in HD this season.”

b.      “It’s a shame that our little angel won’t be able to watch Sesame Street on the new TV.  This room will be off-limits!”

c.       “I wonder if we should investigate some anti-tip straps or TV locks to make sure the TV doesn’t topple over onto our baby.”

If you answered mostly A’s… then you are

  • The Skeptic:  This parent figures that if he/she survived the “dangers” of childhood, this new baby will too.  There is usually talk of vigilance, and letting kids learn by their mishaps, otherwise; how will they learn?

If you answered mostly B’s… then you are

  • The Zealous Enthusiast:  This parent may have the entire house baby proofed five months before the baby’s birth.  Skeptics consider Zealous Enthusiasts to live in “lockdown”.

If you answered mostly C’s… then you are

  • The Cautious Realist:  This parent is eager to learn and provide a safe environment for the baby.  It may be a little bit at a time or all at once.

Some parents start out as a Skeptic but, as soon as they discover their baby in the bathroom unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper, they become Cautiously Realistic very quickly.  Others begin as a Zealous Enthusiast until they have baby proofed themselves out of the bathroom!  No matter what category you fall into, parents love their children and want them to be safe.  Go to to find more baby proofing information!

Kidproteq, LLC serves Philadelphia and its suburbs.  Kidproteq Owners and Professional Baby Proofers, Rachelle and Jeff Gansky are there to help.  Jeff performs the home evaluations and is available for installations.  A Kidproteq® in-home safety evaluation takes approximately 1.5 hours.  Rachelle handles all daily operations and is available for phone and email consultation. Rachelle provides the best, most current information by keeping up on the latest in the childproofing industry through her connections with IAFCS and Safe Kids USA.  Feel free to contact Rachelle with questions at (610) 688-7404 or  Be safe!

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