Babyproofing: Bathtub Safety

October 27th, 2010 @   - 
  1. First and foremost, set your hot water heater to 120° to avoid burns and conserve energy.
  2. Bathtime is so much fun for infants but can be nerve-racking for parents.   Relax- Kidproteq can help!  Once your baby can sit independently, put her in the AquaBaby Ring.  Surround and cushion the sides of your standard tub with Tub Time Bumpers so your little one can play safely.  The Inflatable Bath Tub by Mommy’s Helper is another great way to bath your infant safely.  It is great for travel and also doubles as an infant pool when you are at the beach.
  3. Make rinsing soap off easier for you and your child by installing Oh Blue Bath System, a shower attachment for your bath faucet.  Also, use Kidco Bath Safety Cushions to keep Mommy and Daddy’s knees and elbows in tip-top shape. You’ll wonder how you survived without these!  Most importantly, have fun with your baby during bathtime.

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