Window Safety

March 20th, 2013 @   - 

Now that Spring has Sprung we all crave fresh air. Enjoy it safely. Remove chairs or any item that your little one could climb up on to access a window. Screens are not barriers. Windows should be blocked from opening more than 4”.

There are lots of options: Double Hung Windows: Window Wedges, Super Stoppers, Window Stops, Mesh Window Guards, Outward Opening Windows: The Window Latch. And, new for Sliding Glass Doors: The Lock-n-Block Gate!

Also, check for blind and drape cords that are less than 48” off the ground. If the cords are more than 48″, the solution is to cut drapery cords to eliminate the loop. Use cleat on the wall. Shorten cords to blinds and shades and install cord minders.

To make sure your home is ready for spring, schedule a babyproofing evaluation today!

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