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Kidproteq® Baby Proofing Service is available for families in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs.
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Kidproteq’s in-home professional baby proofing services have helped hundreds of families create safe home environments for babies and toddlers.

Most of us can identify obvious dangers to babies, such as electrical sockets and staircases. Unfortunately, active, inquisitive babies seem to zoom in on everything at their eye level.  In every home or apartment, whether brand new or over a hundred-years-old, there are often less transparent hazards that may pose serious injury risks to your child.

Kidproteq® is a professional baby proofing service that addresses the critical need for in-home child proofing and brings the best of child safety product design and baby proofing installation to you, affording you invaluable peace of mind.

Your First Step: In-home Babyproofing Consultation

Once you request a consultation, a Kidproteq® Baby Proofer will schedule a convenient time to meet with you. He will walk you through a detailed home safety inspection and evaluation, and he will assess potential problem areas and issues that may affect your growing and inquisitive baby. Our Kidproteq Baby Proofer will then work with you, recommending home safety solutions to fit your budget and safeguard your very active baby.

Your Second Step: Kidproteq’s Professional Installation

Kidproteq® is a fully insured baby proofing company. We design and install a child proofing package that will keep your baby safe and fit your budget. As proud members of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) and certified Baby Product Experts, Kidproteq’s Baby Proofing Professionals are extremely knowledgeable and conscientious.

What You Get : Kidproteq® Quality and Outstanding Customer Service

Kidproteq’s goal is to give you peace of mind and keep your baby safe by providing the highest quality baby proofing products and custom installation at the most competitive pricing. For example, you can expect to pay from $350 to $1200 to outfit your home with the quality and value your family deserves. The cost of baby proofing your home will take into consideration, the size of your home, the number of products you want installed, the high quality of the products your Kidproteq Baby Proofer recommends, installation and customer follow-up.

The fee for the in-home evaluation is $45.  We will happily apply it as a credit toward any installation (or for the Do It Yourself Family) purchase of the high quality products, recommended by our Baby Proofer, over $250.

To schedule an Kidproteq® Professional Baby Proofing appointment today, call us at 610 688 7404 (ask for Jeff) or email us at

About Kidproteq

Kidproteq is the leading provider of in-home child safety evaluations and baby proofing installations for families in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, including Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties. Go to: Professional Babyproofing Services

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