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Meet Child Safety Expert – Rachelle Gansky

Rachelle Gansky is a child safety expert and professional childproofer.  She is co-founder of Kidproteq professional child proofing services.  Kidproteq is fully insured and is a member of member of the International Association for Child Safety.  Each member of the Association must abide by a Code of Ethics to maintain high safety standards.  Rachelle is available to speak at local “Mommy and Me” groups, postpartum groups, baby showers, and child proofing conventions.

Rachelle’s speaking style is engaging and entertaining, but most importantly, her content is critical in keeping babies safe and free of accidents.  As a trained and experienced babyproofer, Rachelle will take the time to educate the parents or grandparents in your group about the dangers in one’s home and show you -with real products – how to create a safer environment for your baby.

As an experienced babyproofer,  Rachelle can identify hazards that may surprise you.  Examples from her speeches include:

  • The little rubber tips on the end of door stoppers.Babies can be intrigued by door stoppers as they are at a crawling baby’s eye level, but once toyed with, babies can pull the rubber stoppers off and choke on them. This is actually the number one baby choking hazard in the United States! Consider replacing these with safety door stoppers.
    • Other choking hazards: tacks or staples if used to secure wires to a wall (they can fall off) and wicker from wicker furniture or baskets.  Small pieces can be pulled off and put into baby’s mouth.
  • Toy Balls. The photograph to the left shows a series of toy balls. The four balls on the left fit into The KIDPROTEQ® and are definite choking hazards. The larger black ball on the right is a better choice. Most people would look at the large red ball on the bottom of the tube on the left and think that it is safe. It is only identified as unsafe when it has been inserted into The KIDPROTEQ® and fails the safety test. Government standards state that toy balls should be at least 1.75 inches in diameter, if they are intended for children under three. Unfortunately, vending machines do not require product safety labels and toy balls are often unlabeled. Parents are often on their own in deciding about this potentially dangerous toy.
  • Electric sockets need to be covered. We all know that it is important to cover electrical outlets so baby won’t stick her finger in it. But do you know why babies are so attracted to sockets?  Sockets look like a face — two eyes, a nose and a mouth.  Using electric outlet covers keep babies safe.
  • Plastic dry cleaning bags can be a CHOKING hazard. We all know that  babies suffocate in plastic bags, but did you know that babies  can also pull pieces off and choke on them just as they can with plastic balloons? When returning home from the dry cleaners, parents should immediately remove the plastic bags, tie the bags in knots and put them in the garbage where babies cannot get to them.
  • Toothpaste can be a POISON hazard.Who would have imagined?   When used properly, the  fluoride found in toothpaste can be beneficial, but, more than a quarter of an inch of fluoride toothpaste is toxic to a baby.  Many parents give babies and toddler vitamins with fluoride in them (or fluoride drops).  If you do, please only  use fluoride free toothpaste for children.  For toddlers, please be savvy about flavored toothpaste.  Does the back say “keep out of reach of children”? With these toothpastes, children may use or swallow more than is safe. Consider putting the toothpaste on yourself and immediately removing it out of reach of the child.
    • Other toxic if ingested hazards – baby shampoo or mouthwash (if it has alcohol in it).

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